No more group identity

Commentators love to put us in neat boxes. They draw a line in the sand and claim that they can divide all of us into two groups. It might be by skin colour or gender or how much money we have. In fact there’s hardly any limit to the number of lines they can draw.

Do these lines mean anything? I think not. Humans are much too complex to be pigeon-holed. If you know someone’s skin colour, does that tell you what they think about anything? Where they have come from in life and where they are going? What hurdles they have to cross and what help they get?

If you can answer yes to all these questions and more with utter confidence, perhaps you believe in group identities. But if you know that every human is a unique person, then join me in rejecting these lines in the sand.

People who draw these lines are trying to divide us. Perhaps just because it makes for easy soundbites. Perhaps because their human need to belong sends them in search of a group to belong to. Perhaps they see human life as conflict.

For me, human society is all about cooperation. Cooperation between friends, family and fellow citizens, whether driven by love or economic needs, is the key to most human satisfaction. Cooperation has saved billions of lives and raised billions of us to amazing prosperity.

So I choose cooperation over conflict. I know that these lines in the sand don’t help us understand the world. They don’t make for a better world. We all belong to the human race. There is no other true group identity.